Mountain Top is a beautiful town in Luzerne County, known for its sprawling mountain peaks and remote properties. If you’re purchasing a property in Mountain Top, do not forego an inspection.

Our home inspection services in Mountain Top give you peace of mind by uncovering costly repairs that could be a financial burden.

We also offer several individual inspections designed to protect your health and wellness, including inspections for: 

Find out how Mountain to Valley’s home inspection services in Mountain Top can save you money and give you peace of mind!

Home Inspections in Mountain Top

Mountain Top’s forested topography can leave many homes liable to damage from pests, rapidly changing temperatures, and even heavy snow/rainfall. That’s why residential home inspections in Mountain Top are so necessary.

Our home inspection services in Mountain Top are designed to protect buyers and sellers, no matter what point they are in the real estate transaction process:

  • Pre-listing Inspections: Inspect your home before listing to ensure it’s free of costly defects.
  • Buyer’s Inspections: Inspect a home before buying to ensure the same. 
  • Post-sale Inspections: Inspect a home after purchasing to uncover any issues that might have been missed by a previous inspector.  

Septic Inspections in Mountain Top

Get a detailed septic tank inspection in Mountain Top from a PSMA-certified inspector. Our PSMA certification denotes our knowledge of septic systems and the steps required to evaluate a septic tank to determine its health and level of disrepair. 

Our team of trained technicians can uncover any issue with your septic tank, including cracked pipes, seepage, and clogged filters.  

Air and Water Quality Inspections in Mountain Top

Excess moisture and poor ventilation are the perfect storm for mold and fungi. Our mold inspection services in Mountain Top test for hundreds of species of mold and fungi to determine their danger level and how to go about treating them.  

We also offer water sample testing in Mountain Top that ensures your drinking water is safe from any potential hazards!

Pest Inspections in Mountain Top

It’s no secret that Mountain Top’s forests are crawling with bugs, including termites. Our wood-destroying organism inspections in Mountain Top can uncover any past or present damage resulting from termites and wood-burrowing beetles and recommend repairs based on the extent of the damage. 

Radon Inspections in Mountain Top

A one-time radon inspection in Mountain Top can give you peace of mind. Unfortunately, radon can strike virtually anywhere–undetected–and cause several health complications. With no safe level of exposure recommended, our radon inspection services will help you uncover and eliminate any radon found on your property. 

Commercial Building Inspections in Mountain Top

Our commercial inspection services in Mountain Top are designed to protect business owners and property managers from costly repairs. Be sure to get a commercial inspection every few years or before you buy/sell your property.