Are you purchasing a home in Hazleton and want to ensure the property is free of defects or health concerns?

Mountain to Valley Home Inspections provides residential and commercial inspection services to buyers, sellers, and residents in Hazleton and across Luzerne County. Our inspection services cover four major areas of disrepair, ranging from foundation and roofing issues to small defects that could quickly add up later.

Unfortunately, most inspection companies in Hazleton don’t go beneath the surface, meaning that your home could be subject to a number of issues, ranging from mold to radon poisoning. Mountain to Valley Inspection Services offers individual inspections that tackle every area of your home, including:

Find out how Mountain to Valley’s home inspection services in Hazleton can save you money and give you peace of mind!

Home Inspections in Hazleton

In today’s real estate market, some homebuyers are eager to waive inspections to expedite purchasing a home. However, nothing could be more dangerous for your wallet or your health. 

Whether you’re purchasing or selling a home in Hazleton, our home inspection services are designed to give you protection:

Septic Inspections in Hazleton

Several homes in Hazleton still rely on septic systems for wastewater management. Forgoing regular maintenance and a septic inspection can lead to costly issues, including seepage that could mix with your drinking water. 

Mountain to Valley Home Inspections is a PSMA inspector, meaning our inspectors have undergone rigorous training and educational programs to thoroughly examine septic systems. Our technicians can uncover many common problems associated with aging septic tanks, including leaks, ponding, seepage, and clogged filters. 

Never purchase a home in Hazleton with a septic tank without performing an inspection. We recommend that most homeowners perform a septic inspection every ten years or so for general maintenance. 

Air and Water Quality Inspections in Hazleton

Mold is one of the most common issues in older homes in Hazleton. Unfortunately, most general home inspections only look for mold that is visible on the surface. 

Our mold inspection services in Hazleton peel back the wallpaper to test for hundreds of species of mold and fungi to determine whether your home has any and if they are toxic. 

We also offer water sample testing in Hazleton to detect impurities or chemicals that could be hazardous to your health. 

Pest Inspections in Hazleton

Even newer homes in Hazleton can be subject to termite and wood-destroying organism damage. Protect yourself by conducting a pest inspection in Hazleton to ensure that any home you buy does not have lingering structural issues. 

Termite damage can impact everything from appraisal to insurance, so it’s important to conduct an inspection early in the home-buying or selling process to avoid costly damages later on!

Radon Inspections in Hazleton

Radon is a silent but poisonous gas that can seep out of old mine shafts in the Hazleton area. Ensure your property is safe from radon exposure by performing a radon inspection in Hazleton as soon as possible. We use advanced technology that goes beyond store-bought kits to detect radon exposure on the nano-level for a more accurate readout. 

Commercial Building Inspections in Hazleton

If you own, manage, or are looking to purchase a commercial building in Hazleton, be sure to perform a commercial inspection. Structural issues, mold, and even radon can be costly issues that can be fixed and mitigated early before they compound. Our team of trained technicians is able to thoroughly inspect all aspects of commercial property from foundation to ceiling to ensure your property is in good shape.