Don’t let your dream home become a financial nightmare.

Mold, radon, damage from pests, and structural issues could be lingering beneath the surface of the next home you buy. Protect yourself with a home inspection in Bloomsburg on any property you buy, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or investment property.

Mountain to Valley’s home inspection services in Bloomsburg covers four major categories of property damage, ranging from major defects to issues that could impact financing. We also offer additional inspections for the following:

Find out how Mountain to Valley’s home inspection services in Bloomsburg can save you money and give you peace of mind!

Home Inspections in Bloomsburg

Buying and selling a home is a potentially life-altering investment. The last thing you want to do is get caught on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs due to shoddy workmanship, structural damage, or unforeseen mold buildup. 

Our home inspection services in Bloomsburg are designed to help both buyers and sellers so that they can get peace of mind when transacting a home:

  • Buyer’s Inspections: Ensure any property you purchase is free of defects and can be financed using our thorough home inspection services.
  • Pre-listing Inspections: Perform an inspection before listing a home to expedite the sales process and avoid unforeseen repairs.
  • Post-sale Inspections: Perform an inspection after purchasing a home to see if there was anything your previous inspection missed.

Septic Inspections in Bloomsburg

If you’re purchasing or own a home with a septic system, only trust your inspections to be performed by a PSMA inspector. Our inspectors have undergone a rigorous training and educational program, which enables us to perform thorough inspections of septic systems to uncover issues such as:

  • Ponding from leaks or cracks
  • Excessive water usage
  • Blockages or clogs in piping

After evaluating your septic system, our technicians will recommend whether replacement, repair, or other maintenance steps are required to restore it to full health. 

Air and Water Quality Inspections in Bloomsburg

Don’t get conned by mold or other fungi that could be lingering underneath the surface. Most residential inspections don’t go far enough to look for the signs of mold, so it’s recommended you perform your own mold inspection in Bloomsburg before buying an older house. 

We also offer water sample testing in Bloomsburg to ensure that your water is safe to drink and free of any impurities or harmful chemicals. 

Pest Inspections in Bloomsburg

Like mold, the signs of termite or wood-burrowing beetle damage can lie beneath the surface and be equally as dangerous. As termites account for billions in property damage annually, it’s not uncommon for homes to be infested by wood-destroying organisms without the owner’s knowledge.

Perform a pest inspection in Bloomsburg before buying or selling a house for peace of mind. If you have previously dealt with wood-destroying organisms, an inspection can assess the extent of damage and determine if repairs are required. 

Radon Inspections in Bloomsburg

Radon is a silent gas that is undetectable by sight or smell. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of radon exposure in the Northeast PA area is from old mine shafts that emit decaying uranium that residents can breathe in. 

Due to Bloomsburg and Danville’s proximity to old mine shafts, it may be helpful to perform a radon inspection to ensure your home or business is free of exposure. Our radon testing kit uses state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond store-bought kits to provide an accurate readout of radon exposure in your home. 

Commercial Building Inspections in Bloomsburg

Are you a landlord or investor with ties to a commercial property in Bloomsburg? Be sure to perform regular commercial inspections or before you buy or sell a property in Bloomsburg to ensure it’s free of defects. The last thing any business owner needs is to be liable for thousands of dollars of expensive repairs. Get peace of mind with our commercial building inspections in Bloomsburg!