Do you plan on selling your property in NEPA in the future? Do you need to sell it quickly?

Our pre-listing inspections allow sellers to expedite the closing process by waiving the need for an inspection in the future. A pre-listing inspection also provides you, as the seller, peace of mind when you go to sell.

We employ a team of technicians certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to ensure that our inspection services are of the highest quality.

Our pre-listing inspection services are comprehensive, uncovering issues related to:

Schedule your pre-listing inspection with the best team of certified home inspectors in the area.

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Why Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection?

While scheduling a pre-listing inspection may seem like taking money out of your pocket, you can benefit from it in several ways:

  • Get offers quicker by providing prospective buyers with a detailed inspection report
  • Expedite the closing process by waiving the need for future inspection
  • Uncover any issues that could impact your ability to sell a home
  • Meet legal reporting requirements by listing any known issues to potential buyers

Our pre-listing inspection services are quick, cost-effective, and efficient, guaranteeing the best bang for your buck. Don’t wait; you could be sitting on thousands of dollars in repairs that must be resolved before you sell.

Schedule a Post-Sale Inspection

Did you waive your inspection while buying a home or property? Have you recently uncovered issues that your inspection company was unable to identify? 

We can help put your mind at ease after your purchase with a thorough post-sale inspection in NEPA. 

Our thorough property inspections help identify any problem areas that might have been missed during your initial inspection and could put your family at risk. Our team of InterNACHI-certified inspectors can capture even small details, such as mold buildup or poor ventilation, that many companies miss. 

For example, our roof inspections use state-of-the-art 4K video and a 12MP stabilized camera to detect leaks or damage. Our team can inspect any room, no matter the height, and we can quickly assess any major issues in a few minutes using our state-of-the-art technology.

For both pre-listing and post-sale inspections, contact Mountain to Valley Home Inspections for a free quote!

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Contact us for an inspection before a listing, during the home-buying process, or if you suspect something is wrong with your property.

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