While Pennsylvania requires sellers to disclose any material information that could impact the value of their home, what if they are not aware that they have termite damage or hide it from you?

Don’t let wood-destroying organisms (WDOs) ruin your home or investment. Learn about the importance of wood-destroying organism inspections and why you should schedule one before buying a home.

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What Are Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs)?

Wood-destroying organisms (WDOs) are pests that actively forage through and destroy wood on your property for food or shelter. The most common wood-destroying organisms in Pennsylvania include:

  • Termites: By far the most aggressive of all WDOs, termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes and properties each year. The most common species in Pennsylvania is the subterranean termite, a tan or cream-colored termite that often attacks homes’ framing components. 
  • Carpenter Ants: This aggressive species of ant typically attacks softer woods outside your house and leaves behind a trail of frass or wood shavings in its wake. These pesky creatures most often attack sheds and logs, though they have been known to make their way indoors.
  • Wood-boring beetles: These aggressive species dig holes through wood in their infancy, known as “shot holes.” They have been known to attack everything from joists, trim, and sills to hardwood floors and furniture.  

While these pests are often more common in forested areas, such as the Poconos, Bloomsburg, or Danville, termite or WDO damage is not uncommon in suburban or urban homes.

Why Schedule a WDO Inspection Before Buying a House

They say termites and other wood-destroying organisms cause billions of dollars in damage each, but that’s not because of negligence. Even the best-kept homes can be subject to WDO damage from silent pests that often build nests inside homes for years without being spotted. 

Don’t chance a new home purchase or listing to possible failure because of wood-destroying organism damage. Our WDO inspections ensure that any home you purchase or list is free from present or past wood damage caused by aggressive pests. We can even identify any structural defects caused by WDOs that could imperil occupants and your real estate transactions. 

InterNACHI-Certified WDO Inspector in NEPA

Want to partner with an expert pest inspector who will guarantee you complete peace of mind? 

Mountain to Valley Home Inspections is certified by the InterNACHI–the world’s leading association for home inspectors—for wood-destroying organism inspections. Based on our expertise and experience, we can pinpoint any past or present damage caused by WDOs, including termites, carpenter ants, and more. 

From there, we can determine the extent of any WDO damage and whether or not it impacts your property’s safety and financial value. Don’t wait—these pests won’t. Schedule your WDO inspection today to get total peace of mind, whether you are buying, selling, or occupying your current home. 

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